using an IPhone for personal organisation

I’m now at the stage of being very satisfied with my personal organisation software on my iPhone (currently iphone 5s).  This functionality, for me, is one of the primary reasons for having a mobile device.  All the following apps and recommended software can be found on iTunes and my delicious links links at the top right hand of this blog.

Calendar – I use Pocket Informant on the iPhone and the regular Contacts App with Microsoft Outlook on my PC.  I use gSynchIT for synchronising my lessons and school calendar from Outlook via PI online.  I have a Microsoft exchange account as part of my gr8ict domain so all my emails and contacts update in real-time.

Tasks –  I use Pocket Informant and Toodledo apps on the iPhone, and then the Toodledo website with a pro account, synchronised together.  This means I can multi-edit my tasks on the web version and then sync on my phone.

Notes – I tend to use google docs for all notes now.

Twitter – Tweetbot on iPhone and Tweetdeck on PC.

Sensitive Data – I use key pass on my laptop and desktop with mini-keepass on my iPhone.  They all use a shared datafile held in my dropbox.

Favourite Contacts – Reordering:
Reordering –
Friends; Family; Work.  Create a new contact for each. The first name field FRIENDS and then a bogus telephone number has been created.  Then make sure to favorite these new contacts to add them to your list. Once in the list, move your new separator contacts to the top of the ordered categories you previously decided on (edit > the 3 barred icon).

Voice Memo App – used for memos in the car