E-learn – We learn – 25/11/2010

Effective uses of modern technologies in learning Conference at the Pavilions in Harrogate.

You can browse our subject rooms on the  Lady Lumley’s School Fronter site:
Pls go to http://fronter.com/northyorks
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Please respect any copyright and ask permission before downloading any materials.

All the materials shown in the talk are available with read access in the room ‘ICT Skills’ – scroll to the bottom and click ‘Link to examples of Fronter at LLS‘.  Choose the drop down box to see all the subject rooms available.  We have blocked off the staffroom as we are now using it for discussions and staff information that is not appropriate for public access.   Sorry…

Books mentioned in talk are in the Books to read section on the right…
Software mentioned is linked from the top navigation bar…
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Carole has kindly offered for people to log on to the King James’ Fronter Site:
Pls go to http://fronter.com/northyorks
username: dhallis20   password: guest123

“Pls look at the L and T Fronter room for links to see how teachers are using forums, Twitter etc
with their classes.

You will see the links at the top to staff centre and to staff home .
The building is very much underconstruction but it enable syou to see
how we have set things up. The staff centre (and a student equivalent)
will be the route through to subject and course/year rooms and from
there to individual teaching rooms where appropriate. See science-
biology- and then the link to my Y13. The idea being, which seems like
LLs, is to drive people in through main pages and we plan to have permanent rooms and /or folders for each teacher’s classes and enrol the members (rather than ‘enrolling’ the resources
into CMIS generated rooms). My Y13 room stays in place each year.

As at present the subject pages are not developed, other than the links,
but we plan to use then for homeworks and also to involve students to
make them more interesting and dynamic. A good example already underway
is DT- Y8DT. We are putting resources into the shared rooms that
teachers and/or students need to access from home, hence the folder
structure which you can see by clicking on ‘science resources’ at the
bottom of the science home page. We also plan to have L and M rooms- see leadership and management- data for example. “