Digital Leaders – Introduction and competition results

Assembly yesterday. I outlined why digital leaders are important. What will you talk about at a future Interview? What examples of leadership and teamwork do you have? What other examples of leadership in the school – Duke of Edinborough, World Challenge and Sports Leaders. I picture us as living in a new digital landscape, and concepts of leaders helping others to navigate fits well with DofE, and learning to teach small teams of students fits well with Sports Leaders.

If you volunteer as a Digital Leader you will improve your ICT skills; Leadership skills; Communication skills; Confidence; Teamwork;and Networking.

Possible Activities include – Learn to use a variety of ICTs;Regular opportunities to train ‘colleagues’ in your ICT classes; using new software; Support the use of ICTs in other subjects; Encourage more ‘digital homeworks’ in the school; Present at a conference next summer?

And then the competition results – Amazon vouchers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Wordle competition (34 entries) and the 1, 2 and 3= and 3= in the Glogster competition (24 entries).

At the meeting 17 students added themselves to the new Y9 Digital Leaders room on Fronter and listed who was in which ICT group – I am hoping for at least two per group. I explained to them that I had been to a Lecture at York University last night and listened to Steve Wood, Vice President of Strategy for IBM (annual turnover $100 Billion) give a talk about 100 years of IBM. I asked him afterwards if he had any encouragement which I could pass on to my students the next day: He said “Your set of skills is important, not your job” and “Learn how to Learn”.
So, their first task as LLS DLs is to collaborate on two forums:
1. An inspiring Digital Leader needs
to develop these personal skills… and explain why…
2. An inspiring Digital Leader needs to develop these technical skills… and explain why… (include examples of software as well if you can).
I look forward to seeing what they come up with…