Digital Leaders at Lady Lumley’s School 00

At the end of the summer term we started out on a programme to develop digital leaders at Lady Lumley’s School.  For several years I had been aware of the SSAT work building on ideas from Kristian Still

Meeting Paul Hynes again at the North Yorkshire Education Conference in July gave me the extra impetus, and I used Paul’s ideas on Digital Technologies looking to engage with the wider program

I picture us as living in a new digital landscape, and concepts of leaders helping others to navigate fits well with DofE, and learning to teach small teams of students fits well with Sports Leaders.  I have colleagues who ensure both of these programs are a strength at Lady Lumley’s and they have been encouraging with the links between programs.  Doing it as a blend of face-to-face amd digitally is the challenge.

I outlined initial ideas on Digital Leaders in an assembly to the Year 8’s (next year’s year 9s… ) and offered them two competitions – using Glogster (multimedia posters) and Wordle (graphical display of words).   Having introduced the year 9s to Glogster, our enterprising students immediately saw the potential for their geography homeworks so we agreed a third competition, resulting in:

1. Best use of Wordle for “showing something Interesting

2. Best Glogster Poster – what I did in the holidays

3. Best Glogster Poster – used for a subject at LLS

– with prizes of amazon tokens for the best three in each.

As part of our programme, we have already promised one lesson of every month as a Digital Leaders Lesson.  The first was all about ancouraging students to enter the competition and students showed how they had been using Glogster:

We have the award assembly and the first Digital Leaders meeting scheduled just before half-term.

At the meeting we will discuss future activities and the digital-leaders’-way that we do them.

Activities will be a mixture of what needs to be done and what catches the interest of the leaders.

The digital-leaders’-way that we do the tasks will be worked out with them but initial ideas are around:

  • an aspirational plan of at least two digital leaders per Y9 class
  • leadership skills (with inspiration from Sports Leaders and Duke of Edinborough)
  • working with teachers to encourage use of Digital Technologies
  • working together collaboratively
  • collaboration on all projects using the school VLE

Chris Sharples