“E-C Collaboration” with Shenyang, China – Post 2

In response to an email from our Chinese client April, we decided to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the new information that we were presented with. The email from April firstly outlined why there had been no contact from her to our EC-collaboration team.  The reason for this was because her computer had broken and this meant that April had not been able to check her e-mails for a few days.   During the emergency meeting, Andy the project manager gave the rest of the group feedback on the rest of the email from April.  For example it was explained that April currently only had 30 students to participate as pen-pals.  From this information we decided to only use three of the Lady Lumley’s School Year 7 ICT classes, meaning that we had a total of 62 students available for pen pals (30 girls and 32 boys). The action that followed this decision was that Andy and Saskia were to email April to ask whether it would be possible to raise the 30 students to 62 from Shengyang so that it could match the amount of students in Lady Lumley’s School.  Similarly, we decided that the pairs were to continue their contact with the three Year 7 ICT groups; Luke and Luke with 7X3; Saskia, Emma, Becky, Connor and Jess with 7Y3; Andy, Mark, Ellie and Megan with 7X1. The final action from the emergency meeting was that Luke, Luke and Connor were to brief these chosen Year 7 classes and explain the whole project. They also introduced the preference slide that was created by Emma and Becky in order to highlight each student’s interests which will used later when pairing up the pen pals.

For our next meeting on 17th October – our last lesson of the half-term – our clear outcome for this meeting was to discuss and clarify all pair roles within the team.  To start the meeting, Luke and Luke gave the rest of the group feedback on how their briefing with one of the Year 7 classes went.  The outcome of this being that they realised that particular Year 7 class knew nothing about the project that has began.  However once it was explained all students seemed keen to get involved.  The Teacher Mr Lech assured them that the powerpoints from this class would be finished by November.  Following this, Connor than also gave feedback on how his briefing with another Year 7 classes.  Connor explained that the teacher Mr Wilks had not been briefed yet about what the project was and how it was working etc.  Connor explained in detail about it leaving Mr Wilks pleased with his description.  This however meant that the Year 7 class were not shown the preference slide made by Emma and Becky, and must be shown it next time Connor is in contact with this particular Year 7 class.  For the rest of this meeting, we went through each pair and discussed their roles, and bringing to like any concerns or ideas for improvement. For example, it was noted that the entire team were keen to have a confirmed end date; another concern was whether the Chinese students’ font would show clearly on Fronter or whether it would be presented in Chinese symbols.  From these discussions, the actions that followed were that Andy was to email April a copy of the power point presentation preference slide as well as other slide titles, so that April’s students could create similar presentations. After a discussion on each pair’s role, tasks were then reached to be completed by the next meeting after half term for some individuals and for every pair.

Update 31st October – by Jess/Mr Sharples