Manchester Open Day

The course I would like to do at university is called Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) and having been to the Manchester University open day, it is now my first choice.

Whilst I was there I met Andy who was in his second year of the course. He explained how much of the course was group work and working in a team to solve a problem for a business. I told him that I am currently undergoing a Project Management unit in my ICT A Level course where we split up various tasks between a group depending on the skills of the individuals and this seemed very similar to what Andy was describing. I also highlighted that in the ICT course, we work with clients to solve problems for them or analyse their IT systems. He told me that businesses work extremely well with Manchester University and in particular with ITMB. He used examples such as IBM, Land Rover and BBC coming to Manchester’s ITMB students with problems for them to solve. Andy also mentioned that in his year of Industrial work that comes with the course, he will be going to work with Accenture, a huge business in the world of IT. The fact that the course gives you the chance to work with all these world wide known businesses and the chance to make these contacts was a huge selling point to me.

He said that by listening to me talking about the ICT course I have taken at Lady Lumley’s School, I will be very well equipped to do well in Information Technology Management for Business at Manchester University.

Mark R. Williams
Y13 ICT student at LLS