Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 1-5

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 5, 24th November 2011 (23 attended, 2 apologies)

We sorted enough digital leaders for training each technology group.
Will’s Prezi tutorial is now in the Fronter DLs’ room.
Mr S to update list of DLs and ensure that everyone has a DLs lunchtime pass for Wednesdays.
This week – All DLs to complete their subject Prezi and add their thoughts to the Forum about “What are we looking for in a good Prezi presentation (and what makes it better than a Powerpoint?)

LLS Digital Leaders
Meeting 4, 17th November 2011 (25 attended, 2 apologies)
Welcome to another 4 leaders.
We looked at the latest forum for what software a digital learner must or might have… please add to it… Alistair’s is a good example.
Will outlined the training yesterday and gave tutorial sheets to new leaders. Well done Will, Matthew and Alistair.
Mr S explained that we will aim for a team for each tech group to train in early December after Dalby Feasibility Report is complete.

PLEASE – complete your own Prezi about a school subject of your choice / add to forum on digital learners

LLS Digital Leaders Training 1, 16th November 2011 (22 attended)

Training on Prezi led by Will and supported by Matthew and Alistair.

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 3, 10th November 2011
We talked about the software needed to be used by Digital Learners and invited everyone to contribute to the third forum.
Planned training on Prezi next Weds.
Mr S to sort out early lunch cards.
LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 2, 3rd November 2011
We sorted out who was in which technical group and will work towards at least two DLs in each.
LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 1, 20th October 2011
I went to a Lecture at York University last night.
Steve Wood, Vice President of Strategy for IBM (annual turnover $100 Billion) gave a talk about 100 years of IBM.
I asked him afterwards if he had any encouragement which I could pass on to my students the next day: He said
“Your set of skills is important, not your job” and “Learn how to Learn”
Your first task as LLS DLs is to collaborate on two forums:
1. An inspiring Digital Leader needs to develop these personal skills… and explain why…
2. An inspiring Digital Leader needs to develop these technical skills… and explain why…(include examples of software as well if you can).
I have given two examples on the forum to help you… I look forward to reading your ideas…
Mr Sharples