Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 6-7

LLS Digital Leaders – Update for end of term
All lessons on Prezi now taught. Thank you and well done to everyone involved. Have a good Christmas, Mr S.
Dates for Prezi Training
Group / When / Led by whom

9Y3 KFL / Tuesday 6th December p.2 / led by Shona
9X2 CJS / Tuesday 6th December p.4 / led by Will and Ollie
9X3 KFL / Wednesday 7th December p.4 / led by Ali
9Y4 CJS / Thursday 8th December p.1 / led by Hannah, Luke …
9Y1 KFL / Thursday 8th December p.1 / led by Joe and Becky
9X4 CJS / Monday 12th December p.1 / led by Matthew
9X1 KFL / Monday 12th December p.1 / led by Lauren
9Y2 CJS / Thursday 15th December p.1 / led by Rosie

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 7, 8th December 2011 (25 attended)
3 lessons already taught by Digital Leaders – Well done! – and welcome to Jon Farley – Nork Yorks Advisor.
We started by checking out the Prezi discussion board – 11 posted by you so far – need all of them though…
We then had feedback from the Digital Leaders who have led lessons – Shona, Will and Ali.
– Have lesson objectives ready and be clear what you are doing and why
– Keep it simple… and easy to understand
– Have people around the front for when you need to explain things. ( pehaps use ABS tutor control)
– Be aware of how things are going. Go around checking how things are going.
– ask them about their e-mail- ( make sure they know what it is)
– Use Will’s tutorial

– Explain homework of completing your Prezi and completing the Forum on Prezi

STOP PRESS – you voted for Wednesday 12th December TRAINING ON SPOTIFY – repeated Thursday Tutor time.

STOP STOP PRESS – sorry – can’t get Spotify to work on school network, so Christmas games instead. Well done Will and Ollie with top scores…

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 6, 1st December 2011 (20 attended, 1 apology)
We admired each others’ Prezis, thinking about
Please make your prezi ‘public’ then add your name / prezi subject to the title of the Prezi forum on Fronter DLs room and then add your comments about good prezis…
We sorted dates for training: