Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 8-12 inc training

Online Diary entries and Competition

Current Projects –
Diary competition
Blogging – Lauren and Hannah
Flash – Isaac and Jem
Autology – Matthew – Hannah / Becky / Daisy / Jordan / Beth / Lauren
Electronic Diaries – Mr S – done – see competition
LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 12, 10th February 2012 (25 attended)
Well done everybody for so much effort and learning this term.
Well done Jack and Hannah for starting online diaries.
Have talked to Will… have a think how we could continue Digital Leaders in Y10…
Check out current things to do at top.
have a good halfterm – Mr S

LLS Digital Leaders Training – Autology, 8th February 2012 (20 attended)
Mrs St John and Mr S set up a trial of the Beta Autology search engine. In Matthew’s words “

Its a seach engine just for education and research”. We found that it was much more effective for finding useful information than Google.
See blogpost for pictures

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 11, 2nd February 2012 (20 attended)
Demonstration of online diary – Daisy to fill in with Rosie, Hannah, Lauren, Will and Matthew to give feedback.
All DLs to have diary. If you led a training session or a lesson, include a photo, but not to worry if you only took part. Mr S has published photos on Fronter.
You chose to investigate Autology on Weds 8th Feb.
The following chose blogs: Jem; Hannah; Rosie, Lauren and Luke.
Investigate ‘Code Year’ if you like the idea of programming.
Issac and Jem are exploring Flash.
And you all said you would like to continue Digital Leaders next year…

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 10, 26th January 2012 (25 attended)
Production of Tutorials
Discussion of collecting evidence of personal digital leadership.
We want evidence of personal leadership / team leadership (and initiative)
LLS Digital Leaders Training, led by Daisy, 25th January 2012 (18 attended)
Training on for all Digital Leaders. To roll out later in year for all Year 9s.
LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 9, 19 January 2012 (20 attended)
Volunteers organised for future Projects..

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 8, 12 January 2012 (25 attended)

We discussed the way forward.
3 pronged approach:
1. Learning new software
2. Using Fronter to collaborate
3. Working with teachers in the future
Organised Image editing for Wednesday 25th lunchtime