Digital Leaders – Review of progress so far, and things to come…

So halfway through the year, and completed a set of posts of progress made so far…

Some things I hoped for:

1. Digital Leaders has been overwhelmingly positive with the Year 9 students. If I had any doubts about the viability (25+ volunteers turning up regularly for meetings and training) or about the linking of ICT with leadership and responsibility, then the last six months has increased my resolve that Digital Leaders are a key component of eLearning in the future. DLs like their skills being acknowledged and the chance to work and collaborate with like-minded students. DLs are adept at communicating with their peers. They have been very successful at undertaking whole lesson teaching – Prezi, and will be doing and Flash. Software skills are nearly always good, and they are excellent at working together to improve them. The current Year 9s are a mix of independent capable learners and keen social learners. We need to further develop organisation skills and those needed for leading lessons – perhaps called lead learners??

2. Variety of skills. Different students have different interests eg. Two future graphic designers have come forward. Therefore a network is developing of go-to students for particular knowledge and skills. *This network needs sharing, with LLS teachers in the future

3. Building of capacity. From the start we have focussed on technical skills and leadership skills. The main purpose of DLs needs to be taking forward ideas for improving learning and for learning projects to be undertaken with teachers. *We need to develop greater understanding of the tools available with Fronter but mainly get students discussing amongst themselves and then with teachers how this can be done. As well as technology I need to get them thinking about ‘flipping’ lessons – content to be looked at outside lessons, then collaborative work in lessons.

Recent feedback from LLS DL: My first star would be the leadership that we get with doing digital leaders AND my second star would be learning about different software that we can use any time, Anywhere. My wish would be to teach some of the teachers at LLS about what we have learnt at Digital Leaders

4. Participation in a wider community –

Recent feedback from LLS DL: My 2 stars are: I like the fact that we meet regularly to discuss ideas AND I enjoy teaching other people about software that they may need to accomplish tasks in or out of school. My wish is… for all LLS digital leaders to go to other schools or events to inform students and adults about what we do and what software we use. We could also get the schools to start digital leaders for themselves.

Primary Schools? / SSAT DLs network?? / N Yorks and National Conferences?

5. Using the VLE (Fronter) means quick and easy collection and sharing of ideas. Meetings can be minuted in real time; projects can be run by the students; *These skills need to built on.

Some things that have developed:

1. Skills Audit. Due to Gove’s disregard for the applied Alevel, there will no longer be team based Project Management in Year 13. One of the useful items in this course was a skills audit for both before and after the unit. I would like my DLs to develop a similar audit for digital learners at LLS. This will identify strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, enable students to improve.

2. Accreditation was mentioned in my dicussion with Paul Hynes. I have actively worked to get ex-students and parents to give talks to Y12s and 13s. Mike Hall has talked about the gaining of evidence for use in interviews after school. We therefore have each DL with an online diary to record their learning outcomes. The diaries use the Fronter document tool that allows feedback and integrates photos for additional evidence.