Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 13-14

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 14, 1st March 2012 (24 attended)
– welcome to Mrs Methley, ICT consultant for York
– Teams worked together on their plans for using ICTs in subjects
– £10 Amazon vouchers awarded by Mrs M to Hannah, Lauren and Toria for having best diary entries (so far)
1. Continue to write on the Team forum your Team’s ideas for improving TWO subjects using ICTs
– Digital Tools – Fronter Tools (forums, pages, links, videos) / youtube / Autology.
2. Update the Tablet discussion forum
– good things / bad things
– how could these be used in lessons?
– what would be the best number in lessons?
(3. Diary: use notes MUST ALWAYS be up-todate)
Current Status of Projects –

Proposals on subject use of ICTs
Diary competition – presentations 1st March – Mrs Methley /
Blogging – Postponed as more important to do subject projects
Flash – Isaac and Jem – later this year
Autology – Matthew – All DLs – email Mr S – continue using. – Hannah / Becky / Daisy / Jordan / Beth / Lauren – Done – but will do whole year group later this year
Electronic Diaries – Mr S – done – see competition
LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 13, 23rd February 2012 (22 attended)
1. Write on the forum your Team’ ideas for improving TWO subjects using ICT – Fronter Tools / software / Video. Next Meeting I will ask you to talk about these ideas to Mrs Methley
2. Pls email Mr Sharples your thoughts on how useful Autology is for your learning.
(3. Diary competition: still time to complete – will assess at the weekend)
(4. Forum on Thoughts on Digital Leaders – 2 stars and a wish…)