Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 15 – inc new DLs blog / whole year training on

LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 15, 8th March 2012 (24 attended)
– Discussion of Blog
– Discussion of URL for DLs blog
– This term’s training will be building on Daisy’s training for DLs on
– Mrs Phippen inviting DLs to lead Year 9 whole day project on WSCD on Thursday
– Toshiba tablet arriving soon – will be available for use at lunchtimes
> Rosie and Toria to set up DLs blog
> Diary winners to post first 3 articles about their diary entries
> DLs voted for
1. All DLs to make a poster with different layers for photos and text. For next Weds lunchtime training.
2. Continue to think about main aim (and update on the Team forum) of your Team’s ideas for improving TWO subjects using ICTs
Current Status of Projects –  Proposals on subject use of ICTs
Diary competition – presentations 1st March – Mrs Methley /
Blogging – developing the new LLS DLs blog
Flash – Isaac and Jem – during next term
Autology – Matthew – All DLs – email Mr S – continue using. – led by Daisy – now all DSLs to train Year 9s
Electronic Diaries – Mr S – done – see competition– all DLs to keep updated from now on