Digital Leaders – other good practice – Long Field School

I was able to take the opportunity this half term to research other schools where digital leaders are having an impact. One of the best examples I’ve found has been Long Field School and some great resources explaining their progress by Ben Solly. in fact, checking back in my notes I can see that Paul Hynes recommended them when we first talked.

Ben Solly explains how his school has embraced and harnessed the expertise of their students as Digital Leaders. I particulary like his quote

This might be a frightening concept, but the reality is unless we harness the expertise that exists within the student body and embrace their technological capabilities, we as educators will always be playing catch up.
Ever since VLEs were first thought of, I have been saying that the majority of content will be generated by students. My Year 9s have proved to me already this year that they

Ben’s Prezi gives the details of their approach here. We’ve been doing such things during the last five years at LLS. Up until now it has been the project management of my Y13s that have done things like the Virtual Tour of the school (2010).

Overall, I like Ben’s belief in the devolvement of responsibility to his students. I’m proud that at Lady Lumley’s school we have more than double the Longfield size of team just in one year group (Year 9). I’m convinced that to make significant change, we need to build capacity across year groups.

I’m going to develop these ideas in my evaluation of progress so far, but a big thank you to Ben for sharing such good quality information. As he replied to my tweet of thanks “@gr8ict Thanks for the kind comments! Digital Leaders is a sustainable approach to developing ICT provision in schools.@LFDigiLeaders