Latest Fronter Summary

You can browse our subject rooms on the  Lady Lumley’s School Fronter site:
Pls go to
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Please respect any copyright and ask permission before downloading any materials.

All the materials shown in the talk are available with read access and using the link in the square brackets.
Log on as above and choose the drop down box to see all the subject rooms available.
Some links do not have a square brackets as they are restricted areas eg. We have blocked off the staffroom as we are now using it for discussions and staff information that is not appropriate for public access.   Sorry…

Timeline of development:

  1. The eLP (eLearning Pilot) where we tried out rooms for the first time.
  2. HoD meetings and then manual Department Rooms for each year starting with Y11 revison.
  3. Progress since then with developing Department – kept minutes on a forum
  4. All ICT rooms used with front pages / resources links / unit information. [all ICT rooms]
  5. Mistake of trying to put every subject resource into one room.  Keep resources in each year room.
  6. eLearning with Year 7 – before and after resources with Whole School Curriculum Days* [ICT 07]
  7. Staff Room
  8. Discussion forums – used for feedback / collaborative learning whenever needed [Y11 ICT > Forums > Leeds Met Visit]
  9. Hand-in folders – used Year 10,11,12 and 13 for all coursework
  10. Bulletin boards across the school.
  11. Entrance Halls for easy navigation
  12. ICT skills – and forums for student FAQs [FAQs]
  13. New dept use – English [English Year 7]
  14. New use – PSHCCE Y09
  15. Digital Leaders
  16. Youtube only through Fronter
  17. Autology
  18. Homeworks using the News Tool [ICT 07, 08,09]

Future developments
– wiki software – very soon
– red pen tool