LLS DLs’ Presentation to SLT – Weds 25th March

6 Lady Lumley’s DLs took on the daunting task of explaining about what they have been doing, and more importantly, could do, in the future.

Comment from Year 13s “We couldn’t have done that at their age (Year 9s) – Their presentation was better than ours.  How good will they be when they are our age??” – kind of sums up the impact that Digital leaders can have really…

Their prezi here.

Why Digital Leaders? (Ali and Hannah)
Brainstorm: Need to convince SLT you’re important…can make a difference – leadership AND ICTs (Internet/software and devices) / small teams working together / own learning and with others / spreading ideas / agents for change
What have LLS DLs done so far? (Jordan and Daisy)

Brainstorm – be brief – Explain benefits of what you’ve done – use photos from folder on fronter / show DLs fronter page and DL’s blog
What could LLS DLs do in the future? (Matthew and Will)

Brainstorm – Combination of leadership AND ICTs (Internet/software and devices)
1.  Work in LLS / work in small teams with teachers? teach the teachers that there are ICT ways of doing things / trial new ways of doing things / Autology / Twitter / using Fronter
2. Network with other DLs in other schools using Blog / Edmodo (Matthew to explore) / email