LLS Y8 Digital Leaders Meeting 01, 29th May 2012 (26 attended) – Prezi Training for competition

1. Signing in – 26 of you signed up, with another not able to make it but seeing me to let me know.
2. BIG Thank you to Will and Matthew (Y9 DLs for teaching you how to use Prezi).
3. I explained about
> Digital Leaders (DLs) is about opportunities for you…
> DLs is about *doing* which is why we’re starting with a Prezi competition -see below
> Y9 DLs use their blog, their Fronter room ICT Y09 Digital Leaders and Edmodo to work together and show the wider world what they are doing…

Thank you to everybody including Mr Lech, and good luck with the Prezi Competition.

Mr S

General tasks for this week
– All DLs to check email every Thursday lunchtime or after school
– add this room ICT Y08 Digital Leaders to your favourites and check your name, tutor group and ICT group are correct.
– Join Edmodo using same details as for Prezi ie. School email.  Add this code wgd27o and start asking each other about Prezi, Edmodo and Digital Leadership…

Prezi Competition
Title “Why I like my Favourite Subject of ….”
To be finished by June the 15th and link handed in to Forum on the right ->
Look at Y9 Prezis and their thoughts here