LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 19, 3rd May 2012 Flash training / Subject pairing up and Edmodo collaboration with Bedale/

Everyone on Edmodo – reminded about the competition for Sunday.
Decided on dates and leaders for Flash teaching – see below.  Thanks to Isaac and Jem for training most DLs yesterday.
Need to work out what LLS DLs can do for subject teachers – see Tasks below.
Really proud of the progress you have made – big effort needed in the next few weeks

Tasks for this week – VERY IMPORTANT
– Check email every Friday lunchtime or Friday after school~
IMPORTANT – Have an edmodo discussion (Someone will need to start it off…) for “What can Digital Leaders do for you (LLS Teachers)?”
– Complete your team choice of subjects in the subjects forum on Fronter
– Send Mr Sharples your ideas for Edmodo for the edmodo Competition (by Sunday) £5 tokens for prizes
– Plan for Flash teaching – see list below – and ALL RESOURCES are in Year folder 9_5 Flash Animation – I suggest you concentrate on the cricket ball tutorial.
– (presenters from last week to update their diaries)

Planned Dates for Lesson 3 on Flash
9X4 CJS / Monday 14th May / led by Matthew
9X1 KFL / Monday 14th May / led by Lauren W
9Y2 CJS / Monday 14th May / led by Isaac
9Y3 KFL / Tuesday 8th May / led by ? (Mr Lech)
9X2 CJS / Tuesday 8th May / led by Will and Ollie
9X3 KFL / Wednesday 9th May p.4 / led by Beth and Ali
9Y4 CJS / Thursday 10th May p.1 / led by Jem
9Y1 KFL / Thursday 10th p.3 / led by ?
Current Status of DL Projects:

Flash – Isaac and Jem / Digital Leaders – Training for all Year 9s
Proposals on subject use of ICTs – very important
Assembly to Year 8s before halfterm
Evaluation of Edmodo – social networking site – now the competition A.
Rules of engagement for Edmodo
Planning for Students teach the teachers teachmeet – 7min and 2 min talks
2 min screencast for Teeside CAS meeting June 27th
Evaluation of Evernote – TBC
Presentation to SLT – Weds 25th March – done
Paint.net – led by Daisy – done 19-22nd March continue using.
Diary competition – presentations 1st March – Mrs Methley /
Blogging – developing the new LLS DLs blog – Rosie and Toria – Ongoing
Autology – Matthew – All DLs – continue using.
Electronic Diaries – Mr S – done – see competition – all DLs to keep updated from now on
Prezi Training – 6th-15th December – continue using.
Setting up DLs with forums on purpose and ways of working together