LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 20, 10th May 2012 (20 attended) Edmodo Comp results / BIG projects

Serious talk about Commitment and Responsibility.  There is a lot happening in the next couple of months.  Our professional Reputations are on the line.
Everyone still up for Student Meet at Fulford? …yes.  Everyone want to network on Edmodo …yes. Nationally? …yes.
Then we need to make sure we all contribute…
Congratulations to Will and Matthew on winning Edmodo competition and £5 Amazon vouchers.  “What can Digital Leaders do for you (LLS Teachers)?” – please could Rosie/Toria post these onto the Blog – see Will/Matthew to do so…
Alice won from Bedale – video to be posted soon.
Thanks to All DLs who have so far done / going to do

Flash Training. 

Weds 23rd May – Year 8 Presentation to all Year 8s in 6th Form Common Room – New Year 8 DLs after half term.  Jack, Isaac and Jem volunteered to help current 6 presenters – see below. next Weds, 12.40,  in IT 2.
Isaac and Ali have volunteered DLs to help plan new planner with Mr Davis.  All volunteers – Daisy, Jordan, Becky to name a few – to meet with I and A and Mr Davis next Weds, 12.40,  in IT 2.
Possible courses that the designers amongst might be interested in: http://www.adobegeneration.com/
**Stop Press** Our edmodo project with Bedale is now National…
Tasks for this week – VERY IMPORTANT
All DLs to check email every Friday lunchtime or Friday after school~
All DLs please use emailed code to join National Sec Dig Leaders group on Edmodo – use National Group from now on – check out Edmodo every day in the next week – more news going on all the time…
Jess and Lauren to do draft AWOWs (Agreed Ways of Working) for using National Sec Dig Leaders group – pls include all students and teachers show which school they are at / teachers to show to their students when they join.
Rosie/Toria – post Will, Matthew’s edmodo entries as two separate posts on blog – asap – and post on edmodo that they’re up.
All DLs Complete or update your team choices of subjects in the subjects forum on Fronter
Presenting team (9 of you) to meet next Weds (16th May) in IT2 to plan Year 8 presentation.
New Planner Designers to meet next Weds (16th May) in IT2 to work with Mr Davis.
– (Will, Matthew – to update their diaries – competition)
Current Status of DL Projects:

Flash – Isaac and Jem / Digital Leaders – Training for all Year 9s- ongoing
Proposals on subject use of ICTs – very important
Assembly to Year 8s Weds 23rd May
AWOWs (Agreed Ways of Working) Edmodo
Planning for Students teach the teachers teachmeet – 7min and 2 min talks
2 min screencast for Teeside CAS meeting June 27th
Evaluation of Evernote – TBC
Evaluation of Edmodo – social networking site – now the competition.  Done 11th May
Presentation to SLT – Weds 25th March – done
Paint.net – led by Daisy – done 19-22nd Marchcontinue using.
Diary competition – presentations 1st March – Mrs Methley /
Blogging – developing the new LLS DLs blog – Rosie and Toria – Ongoing
Autology – Matthew – All DLs – continue using.
Electronic Diaries – Mr S – done – see competition – all DLs to keep updated from now on
Prezi Training – 6th-15th December – continue using.
Setting up DLs with forums on purpose and ways of working together