LLS Y9 Digital Leaders Meeting 22, 24th May 2012 (19 attended) Y8 assembly / Various

Congratulations to Dls who took Year 8 assembly
– an excellent performance from all 8 of you – haribos given out.

Lovely to see DLs starting to work with link teachers – Art, Geography and Maths so far.  Next Wednesday will be more.
Letters for photo permission and Fulford Teachmeet given out.  We will be leaving for Fulford on 28th June straight after sports day.
Reminded people about their roles and responsibilities – Mr S will revise the Fronter front page for managing our projects.
Rosie and Toria will manage DLs publishing DL articles on the DL’s blog.  Well done for getting Matthews and Will’s articles on the blog already.
We’ll be able to add photos in future.  All articles will be moderated.

Several more schools joining edmodo.  Jess and Lauren will manage DLs publishing DL articles on your blog.
Do any of you want to have Twitter names? yes Jem; Luke; Hannah; Daisy; Will; Matthew; Isaac. To arrange in future
New competition coming next week – inspirational TED talks – I mentioned it on twitter to several other teachers and we should be sharing it with more schools over half term.
Teacher from King James School, Mr Hamer, coming next Wednesday.  He will be setting up a team of Year 9 digital leaders and will no doubt want to speak to you guys.

General tasks for this week – VERY IMPORTANT
All DLs to check email every Friday lunchtime or Friday after school
All DLs need to complete the photos and the trip replies and put them in the Y9 tray or hand them in to Mr Sharples on Monday.
All DLs please set up your forwarding e-mail on Edmodo so that you can see if you need to reply to comments
Jess and Lauren to do draft AWOWs (Agreed Ways of Working) for using National Sec Dig Leaders group – pls investigate a way to include showing which school all students and teachers are at / teachers to show to their students when they join.
pairs of Dls who took Year 8 assembly to write articles for the blog – what was said / what you learnt from it
All DLs Please check out the projects on the Fronter front page and be ready to take on their management in the next few days – I will try to finish them by the end of Friday.
who would like to take on a project to create a two minute video titled “what does being a LLS digital media mean to me” to be showing at a computers at school meeting later in June?