LLS Y8 Digital Leaders Meeting 02, 12th June 2012 (26 attended)

1. New Signing in sheet – 26 again (although 28 in total have joined).
2. I explained about
> Using the ICT Y08 Digital Leaders room – just for LLS Y8 DLs.
> www.gr8ict.com showing what we were doing for other teachers across the country
Digital Leaders (DLs) is about opportunities for you…
> LLS Y9 DLs are doing two talks at Fulford DLs’ Teachmeet on 28th June 2012.  This immediately follows Sports Day, and I will make available at least 6 places for Year 8s.  Watch this space.
> You need lunch passes for Tuesdays – I will supply these in the next week.
Mr S

General tasks for this week
– All DLs to check email every Thursday lunchtime or after school
– check tasks from last week if not done yet – on the right –>
– Prezi competition deadline extended to Sunday – Amazon vouchers as prizes – add your entry to the forum on the right –>
– Mr S to make early lunch passes and permissions for photos to give out at Tues meeting.  We will need to sort volunteers for Teachmeet.

Y8 DLs Prezi Competition – deadline Sunday 17th June  
Please write your subject eg.  ICT, Art, PE etc – your full name in the headline box.
Then ensure that your prezi is ‘public’, then copy and paste the URL (web address) into the writing box.
Optional: you could also add comments on why your prezi is good for Audience and Purpose / Design / Layout / Engaging for the Audience.
Many thanks
Mr S