LLS Y9 Digital Leaders Meeting 23, 31st May 2012 (16 attended) Link teachers and visit from KJS

Working with link teachers – Art, Geography, Maths, History, MFL so far. Need to see other link teachers in week after half-term.  Use Fronter projects below to keep up-to-date.  Ready to blog about what you’re doing.

Thank you to Matthew, Jack and Luke for talking with Mr Hamer from King James School.
Invitation to National Digital Leaders conference on 2nd July in Reading – Video Competition – see below:
Draw for Dalby Forest Concert tickets – 2 tickets for Shona and 2 for Ollie – decide on Plan B or Will Young.



Tasks for this week
All DLs to check email every Friday lunchtime or Friday after school
– These
DLs Ollie/Jack?Alistair/Chloe/Jordan/Daisy/Rosie/Shona/Tor/Jess/Jem need to complete the photo replies and/or trip replies and hand them to Mr Sharples on Monday.
All DLs Please check out the projects on the Fronter front page and start filling them in
– collect free copy of movieplus from Mrs Walton and start creating videos (up to 3 mins) to tell people about why DLs are the future in education…
pairs of Dls who took Year 8 assembly to write articles for the blog – what was said / what you learnt from it
Jess and Lauren to do draft AWOWs (Agreed Ways of Working) for using National Sec Dig Leaders group – pls investigate a way to include showing which school all students and teachers are at / teachers to show to their students when they join.

Video Competition:

> Microsoft is also keen that we hold a competition for the event …
> which also showcases the achievements of students in their digital
> leadership capacity. We would welcome participation in this even if
> you and/or your students are not able to attend the conference. We
> are asking that each school submits a video of not more than three
> minutes in length – the videos will be shortlisted to six on the day
> … and final judgement made at the conference with a presentation to
> the winning school and the runner up. I’ll write with further details
> on how the videos should be submitted/uploaded … but you may wish to
> seed the idea with your students who might in turn, wish to make a
> start on planning content etc.