LLS Y9 Digital Leaders Meeting 24, 14th June 2012 (19 attended + 1 holiday) inc visit from Bedale HS

Groups for Teachmeet Talks at Fulford on the 28th June:
Group 1 “Developing Digital Leaders at Lady Lumley’s School” – Will (with Prezi), Matthew, Daisy, Jordan, Ali, Emily, Jack, Jem.
Group 2 “Teaching and encouraging the use of ICT at Lady Lumley’s School” – ollie (with Prezi), Luke, Beth, Lauren W, Hannah, Isaac.

I will be taking Will, Matthew, Daisy and Hannah as representative LLS DLs to the National DL conference at Microsoft Headquarters on Monday July 2nd
Need to develop up to 3 min videos for showing.  Please could pairs of students for the two talks develop their own videos – You can decide your own titles but pls could we discuss content on Edmodo in the next few days…  pls add (LLS) at the end of your first name in ‘settings’ and remember to get your own free copy of Movieplus from Mrs Walton.
Ready for discussion next two wednesday lunchtimes (although I’m not here next week).

We *need* the website as good as it can be.  Y8 assembly people pls email your words to Rosie.
Rosie and Toria to start adding photos to posts.  Anyone not going to Fulford feel free to write your own post…

Please update projects on Y9 DLs page.

Thanks to all of you who are working with Mr Davis and talked with Mr Barnes from Bedale High School on Weds.