LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 25, 21st June 2012 (13 attended + 3 trip)

Groups for Teachmeet Talks at Fulford on the 28th June:
Group 1 “Developing Digital Leaders at Lady Lumley’s School” –
Ali + Emily = What we’re about / Why
Daisy = What we’ve done
Will (with Prezi), Matthew= going to do
Jack, Jem what you’ve got out of it

Group 2 “Teaching and encouraging the use of ICT at Lady Lumley’s School”
Ollie (with Prezi), Luke, Beth, Lauren W, Hannah, Isaac.

1. Hannah Luke Intro
2. Isaac teaching DLs + Ollie teaching classes
3. Beth / Lauren link teachers

Matthew, Will and I talked through the way to split up the talks.  Both prezis will have a list of activities and talk 1 (Daisy/Emily) will talk about everything BUT the 3 software trainings and the link teachers, and talk 2 will ONLY talk about these 4.

In talk 1 and videos please mention
– Sixth form DL school teachmeet on 11th July.
– result of assembly – 28 Y8 DLs – have sent you photos

PRACTICE for all Y9 DLs WEDNESDAY Tutor – may spill into period 1.

We rehearsed each talk, really pruning the words.  Thinking of a baton and passing it to person.  Intro slide, then showing the activities.  Then a slide for each point made.

We *need* the website as good as it can be.
Y8 assembly people pls email your words to Rosie – Hannah, Daisy, Matthew, Beth
Rosie and Toria to start adding photos to posts.
– Emily volunteered an article
– Jess – report on progress?

Please update projects on Y9 DLs page.