Teach the Teachers Meet June 28th 2012

Thoughts on the event:

  • Firstly, very professional set up.  Proper sound system; Twitter wall showing tweets; live feed and recording.  Well done Mikey and other Fulford DLs.
  • Great to see Bedale students and Lady Lumley Students filling one side of the hall.
  • Enjoyed the whole atmosphere of an event organised by students, run by students and talks given by students.  Still think this is a kernel of an idea that needs more fulfillment though.   I look forward to many more groups of students talking to other groups of students.
  • I enjoyed seeing / hearing about how the Fulford DLs and Mr Jackson had worked through their version of Digital Leadership.  It was fun asking Mikey what he thought about it during that evening’s #dlchat on twitter.
  • I hope that what we have started at Lady Lumley’s gets more thought.  Our Y9 DLs did a fantastic job of showing what they/we are doing.  The details are in the previous blogpost, but I’m pleased we split up the general activities we have done and highlighted the two most impactful DL activities – The DLs teaching each other and the ICT classes; and the working with link teachers.
  • Prezi 1 “Developing Digital Leaders at Lady Lumley’s School
    Prezi 2 “Teaching and encouraging the use of ICT at Lady Lumley’s School
  • I’m pleased that the inclusiveness of LLS DLs comes through – we have lots of students as DLs and they are a mix of abilities and more girls than boys.  We need to ask the DLs why they think this is…
  • Mr Lech was impressed when Bob asked Will how much time they spent on DL activites at school – Will smoothly explained how we met regularly every Thursday tutor, and held regular training on Wednesday lunchtimes.  I was thinking how much extra time they have devoted recently with the talks and visits going on – I love how motivation and teamwork can achieve
  • I loved it when the Y9s invited the Y8s to stand up – I’d forgotten that we’d talked about this.  But it highlighted the legacy of DLs needs to be a follow through from one year to the next.
  • Here are nearly 50 photos of the event – http://www.gr8computing.com/ictphotos/tttmeetJune2012/index.html