6th Form DLs “ICT Wiki in a day” – Wednesday 11th July 2012

Subject: Your invite to LLS Sixth Form Digital Leaders – “ICT Wiki in a day” – Wednesday 11th July 2012

Open to all Y11s (for when you get bored…) – please reply email to Mr Sharples to say you are coming…
+ 12 ICT Students – check with your p3 teachers
+ Guest 13

LLS Sixth Form Digital Leaders  – “ICT Wiki in a day” – on Wednesday 11th July 2012


  • To research exciting and effective ways to use ICTs for learning in LLS Sixth Form
  • To create a list of possible uses and a to do list to prepare for September
  • To create a resource to share with all LLS sixth form from September 2012
  • (Maybe invite a group of interested Sixth form students to add to it next year)


  • Y11 volunteers – mainly ICT students
    Current Y12 ICT students (some need to ask permission for p.3)
  • ‘Guest’ Y13 ICT students
  • CJS, KFL and open invite to any sixth form teachers to drop in and join us at any stage

When/What?  – Wednesday 11th July 2012

9.15-9.25         Introduction in IT2 (CJS/10mins)
Quick review of what Y8 and Y9 DLs have been up to and review of what we are doing today.
We learned how helpful today is going to be to the year 12 coursework, using pictures for evidence.
Watched the video about what the digital leaders have been up to, we used to to come up with todays plan.
We found that they have been really keen to use software and technology to improve learning, especially the teach meet.
Mr Lech suggested using this as part of their project managment, using a wiki would help them collate all their knowledge online.
9.25-9.35         Discussion of possible uses of ICT (All)
We want to achieve ICT4BL –> Information and Collaboration Technology for better learning, its for sixth form.
Luke gave a powerpoint on his ideas about today which branched off into a discussion about what techniques we could use for better learning
Until Break    Research into ICTs / prepare 3 min talks for afternoon
Worked on own about individual techniques to improve learning. Title, decription and screenshots, benefits, drawbacks and action points. Break was early, though we came back early.
period 3          Adding descriptions to Wiki
Learned how to add things to wikispaces, then we added our techniques for learning, using the template Mr Sharples had created. We also added tags so that people know how to find certain things quickly. Adding pictures and information we soon had a detailed compile of techniques to help us learn. Hints and tips soon went up followed by various documents and images to enhance the wiki pages and files.
lunch               Free to do own thing / continue preparation for afternoon

p.4/5                3 min talks with group feedback via Fronter to be added to Wiki

We met Mr Tyson who introduced himself to us. We then gave him a brief description of today and what it was about.
Taking it in turns the year 12’s presented what they were researching to everyone. After each talk we had a group discussion about each one with pros and cons. Hannah went first who spoke about drop box, followed by Alistair and Liam who spoke about Online Bookmarking. Notes we made by all as we discussed. Mr Tyson spoke often giving good ideas about sites such as “Bitly” and “bubbl.us”
3.25                  Review with Mr Tyson
3.35                 Finish