LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 27, 5th July 2012

Sorry for not being with you yesterday – it took an hour and a half for me to get into school.

Competition – for next Thursday / 3x £10 Amazon vouchers as prizes
Please complete a blogpost of “What you want to do as a Digital Leader next year in Y10” and email it to me.
Please include:

  • what has already gone well this year – include any titles of photos you want included
  • then, your thoughts on working with each of your subjects next year
  • thoughts on edmodo and working with other schools
  • thoughts on using the LLS DLs’ blog, the wiki (see below) and the national network blog
  • anything else?? including any improvements from this year

Please could Jess update the edmodo page on the blog.

The wiki – this is the result of the hard work of the Y12 ICT students and Luke Kelly (Y13) on Weds at the 6th Form DLs’ ICT Wiki in a day.
It’s called the “ICT 2 IMLO” (Information and Communication Technologies 2 Improve My Learning and Organisation).
It’s the next collaborative space for DLs to use with their Link Teachers and other DLs to improve their lessons and learning.

It’s linked off the Blog or you can go direct to it here – ICT 2 IMLO Wiki.  Your user name is made up of your first name, first letter of surname and LLS so Chris_S_LLS PW=password and it uses your school email address.  Try logging on and having a look. These are the ideas the Y13s (and I) had:

Diary App and Task Manager
Mindmapping 2
Mobile Web Browser
Note taking and Reminders
Online Bookmarking
Online Storage
Online Storage 2
Photo Sharing
Social Networking
VLE – Fronter Development