LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 28/17th July (20 attended)

Discussion of this year, next year, and the holidays.
1. This Year – fantastic efforts and we awarded prizes to the students who presented at the Teachmeet – mainly headphones and amazon vouchers from Fulford.
2. This Year: Development of new Digital Leaders’ Website – new links at top to get to all the places that you need.
3. This Year: Creation of the new Digital Leaders’ Wiki – this was done by our 6th Form Digital Leaders and will form part of their project next year.  It means you can share good ideas for using ICT in your subjects.

– have a look at the new Digital Leaders Website – School Website > Students > Digital Leaders and investigate the Wiki and the National DLs Blog
– Check your subjects below, and remember your meeting if you have had one with your link teacher.  Pl,s use the link on Edmodo for 20 cool tools to get ideas for more ICT in lessons.  Also don’t forget email; Fronter forums; YouTube for teachers; and eduYoutube for students.  Add your ideas to the Wiki and discuss them on Edmodo.
– discuss a new aim on Edmodo for LLS digital leaders

Have a gr8 holiday,

Mr S