DLs blog with Arras theme and Rolescoper

The DLs had developed their own WordPress site last year.  However, we needed:

  1. a space to share posts publicly with categories for finding subject content
  2. a private space for tracking organisational progress.
  3. customised access to match the teams of teachers and students working together
  4. access for DLs and teachers from other schools
  5. a layout which means pictures and text are eyecatching and the theme or idea of the post clearly shows.

I took inspiration from the Nottingham High School collaborative blog, with the WordPress theme “Arras” for easily seen contributions.
We trialled this, but found that the standard permissions for WordPress do not allow contributors to add pictures; and does not allow customised access to pages.

The solution is the WordPress plugin Rolescoper. I have set up post editor access for any post that chooses Digital Leader. This enables uploads of pictures and tutorials.  I can also dictate any page as having specific editors which is what I have done for the subject pages.  I have then password protected every page, and linked them from another page as an index, called Meetings.

Other important links are:
– Instructions as to how to make posts and edit pages
– link to the national digital leaders site  www.digitalleadernetwork.co.uk
– link to Edmodo which is what we use to collaborate between the DLs

This is the result – the LLS Digital Leaders Blog.

NB – current categories used:
Career ICT
Digital Leaders
— 6th form
— KS3
— KS4
— Year 8
— Year 9
E-C Collaboration
Global awareness
LLS DLs’ Website
Project Management