BETT 2013 Links and LLS Digital Leaders…

Hi to anyone following up #BETT2013 …

Will, Beth, Maddie, Jo and Mr S presented at the Stone stand.

Here is the Prezi. and here is the Video (16Mb)

DLN Talk here.

I have really enjoyed today.  It was a great experience to speak in front of so many people and it was good to hear from others as well. It was really interesting to look around all the other stands (and collecting freebies.)  It was interesting listening to Mr Rogers talking about using mobile devices in lessons. It was also good looking at the Windows stand at the tablets and looking into the use of them in school. Another thing I found great was having lunch with Johnny Ball! And saw Brian Cox talking live! Speaking on the Stone stand was great (even though the mic was not great) and it was something I had never done before.   Overall I really enjoyed the day!

Going to Bett was an amazing. I am glad I was chosen to go down with Beth, Will, Maddie and Mr Sharples. The start of the day was early and cold. We soon warmed up so we where then happy. I have learnt that no matter how much of an idiot I think look, to other people you look confident and in charge even when things go wrong like squeaky mikes.

I went to BETT today and it was AMAZING! I loved the stalls, and the general layout of the place. I went round with Jo, and we picked up loads of freebies. But first we had our speeches, and I went up after Will. Because I had never held a microphone before, it kept squealing and squeaking because I was inline with the speakers. I was really nervous and my paper was shaking but I felt really proud once I had said my bit. The audience clapped at the end and we all felt happy that we had pulled through. We also had a chance to look at all sorts of laptops, tablets and software which was really inspiring and has given us a lot to think about. We also had a second speech at 1.15 which was a breeze after the first one!  Overall, I had a really good time and would happily go again another year!