North Yorkshire Digital Leaders’ Conference – #DLNY13 – 21st June 2013

Here is their report of the day.

LLS Digital Leaders were asked to give four talks at the North Yorkshire Digital Leaders’ Conference* – #DLNY13. These are what we did:

“What we have done digital_leaders_best_103so far as Secondary Digital Leaders” – Beth, Luke and Toby (Year 10s)
“The How and Why of Running Digital Leaders” – Mr S and all LLS DLs, including a “2 min guerilla DL presentation about Coding Club” by Jon and Tyler (Year 9s)
Example Digital Leader Projects – “Autology and Online Home Learning” – James, Tally, Jon, Jo and Liam (Year 9s)
How and Why We Network as Digital Leaders” – Will and Matthew (Year 10s)

You are invited:
1. to join us at the next DL Chat on Thursday 27th June at 9.00pm (not am as in my ppt) – search for #dlchat on twitter or my choice of client = Hootsuite.

2. To add your details to the LLS Digital Leaders’ Blog
Primary details or the Secondary details pages.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a success, especially the 83 primary and secondary Digital Leaders.

Let’s keep the collaboration going 😉

June 2013

*This was previously cancelled from 22nd March.