Introduction to Makewaves

Example Digital Leaders’ makewaves site:
Lady Lumley’s Digital Leaders

Example Student:
The two basic building blocks are ‘Stories’ and ‘Blogposts’. A story contains multimedia (Think V.I.S.T.A – Video, Images, Sound, Text and Animation) and is easily shared. Future stories can be collaborative between students in the same school or even in different schools.  A Blogpost is a more personal publication.

Example School:
Roscoe school’s impact of use of Makewaves and literacy here
Free membership of Makewaves allows for 30 minutes of upload – more details here and

Example of Makewaves being used as a collaborative tool:

Membership of a network means:
– students can share stories between all the schools/students in the network.
– content can feature in one place – as top stories, votes etc
– Senior reporters can moderate content knowing it can be seen by any student
– badges can be shared within the network
– there is a cross platform App to post content

Recommended Badges posts
Badges for Literacy

MakeWaves Login:
Digital Network progress sheet (password protected)
safe social neworking