Setting up your Digital Leaders’ Makewaves Site

You (as a teacher) do a single sign-up to join your school/DLs.
Then each student joins individually and gets approved by you. Takes minutes to join all your DLs…
Students are reporters; teachers are publishers.  (With the pro licence, students can be senior reporters and publish blogs and stories).

1. and join as a teacher.
2. Create – better still get your DLs to create – a logo of 940×170 pixels and upload it to the banner.
3. Get your DLs to join and remember their usernames and logins
Usernames are nicknames and should not be linkable to the real name.
Have a clear policy on which email to use (although they are not needed, they help alert users to comments and messages) – I insist on school email.  4. Go to My Site and Add / manage users.  Click on the edit button beside each new username and Approve, and OK.
5. Suggest the following settings for the start – My Site > Settings:

6. If you are lucky to have other colleagues helping you then add them from Add / manage users

For the site Publisher:

  • Add Channels so that a Reporter can add this to their story to categorize them
  • Look for the yellow circles to Approve stories, blogs and profiles
  • Add picture notes, using a screenshot and a web link for each one. These are especially useful for adding thumbnails for other Digital Leader Makewaves sites for ideas
  • Use the Feature Stories widgit
  • Move all the content around to suit…
  • Go to the Digital leaders main page and see examples of other Digital Leader Makewaves sites

For Digital Leaders to do:

  • in their “Me” section, Edit Profile and upload an avatar or an image appropriate to their user name (not a photo of themselves) and write a profile about their interests in being a Digital Leader and why it is important.  Message to each other and add comments – This will get them their first badge – a Starter Badge
  • Start creating basic stories with text and a picture, choosing a channel for when it is published.  How about one a week? Makewaves publish regular ideas for stories, for example. My Monster Game, Your Monster Read etc
  • Each story will need to be published by your teacher/Publisher
Possible text for “Picture Notes”:
– Add a picture to your profile (suited to your username – perhaps an avatar fron the [“doppelme avatar site”:]?)
– Write a section “about you” and why you like ‘tech’…
– This will get you your starter badge.Have a look at other Digital Leader sites
– Read what others have to say and comment.
– Write a Story and explain Why you want to be a Digital Leader and what you hope to achieve…Find out how to get more badges – [“Guide To Makewaves Badges”:]Schools in the North Yorkshire Digital Leader Cluster:Primary Schools
[“- Aspin Park C P School”:]
[“- Dishforth CE Primary School”:]
[“- Pickering Community Junior School”:]
[“- Richmond Methodist Primary”:]
[“- Roseberry Community Primary School”:]
[“- Selby Community Primary DLs”:]Seconday Schools
[“- George Pindar School”:]
[“- Lady Lumley’s School”:]
And a non-North Yorkshire School [“Arden School in (Solihull)”:]