BETT14 “Developing young people as well as the Technology” Friday 24th January 2014

6 Secondary Digital Leaders / Chris Sharples (@gr8ict) / Students & Head of ICT at Lady Lumley’s School
“We should be developing young people as much as the technology.  Digital Leaders from Lady Lumley’s School will explain how they work as Digital Leaders in school; working with students, teachers and the eLearning Manager; earning DL badges and sharing their experiences on the Makewaves social media platform with other DLs in other schools as part of the DL network.  Chris will give some insights to help you set up and nurture your own Digital Leaders if you don’t have them already and point you towards useful contacts, examples and resources on the DLN blog, Makewaves Digital Leader Network and

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Stone Computer’s Stand – Hall/Stand: C102

Jon Intro

[who we are / type of school / how long going / explain about talking about projects at 1.40 / mr S shares things on his blog how you share on Makewaves – give examples.]

Cover Slide

  • Hello my name is Jonathan and we are lady lumleys digital Leaders.

Where we are from.

  • Lady Lumleys is a local authority specialist sports and languages college, in the County of North Yorkshire.

A return gig…

  •   Thank you to Stone Computers for inviting us for a second year running.

What is a Digital Leader?

  • Digital Leader is someone who…

  • Is willing to change the way people use technology in schools to improve learning

  • Teaches new software to their peers and teachers.

  • Tom Wrench (Head boy) showing how padlet is being used by student council

  • work with teachers to give esafety assemblies

What is a Digital Leader? – aims that are on our website

  • My own view is somewho who isn’t afraid to break the boundaries of new technology.

Joining DLs

  • Digital Leaders has being going at lady Lumley’s for 2½  years, and I have been a DL for 1½ of those.

Each Week

  • We meet regularly on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes and Monday Tutor.

Projects: Stop at ‘and in with the new’

  • and do different projects with Mr Smith and Mr Sharples – these are the writeups.

  • In October we changed our online blog site from WordPress (show at BETT last year) to Makewaves and since then we’ve posted 134 Stories.

  • On Makewaves, it is easy to share multimedia stories with each other and other digital leaders in other North Yorkshire schools. You can see the links here at the side.

  • Recently we were each given a task and to create a badge on Makewaves mine was a review badge, but more on that later.

  • If you still want to know more about our projects come to our talk at 1.40 on the Pearson stand.

  • I will now pass you over to Ines to show how Stories are posted and published.

Ines – senior reporters

Hello my name is Ines and I am a senior reporter.

  • Going to show you how we report on what we do, using stories.  Explain that Mr Sharples published the stories to start with:

Stories on Makewaves 1

  • we write stories to show what we have done, so if we have been to an event, we write something to describe it. if we want a badge, we write a piece that would fit and get us the badge. even if we just want to write a story for the fun of it.

Stories on Makewaves 2

  • and comments from other students

Stories on Makewaves 3

  • example story needing publishing

Stories on Makewaves 4

  • channels and go live.

Stories on Makewaves 5

  • show the padlocks and explain the network level for digital leaders on the network to see the stories

  • Once we got to 80 stories Mr Sharples said that he had had enough and it was time for the digital leaders, to take responsibility.

Senior Reporters 1

  • He asked me if I would lead a team of senior reporters – Evie and Chloe volunteered too.

  • I tried by myself for a few days, to get teh hang of it, the number of stories keeps increasing until there seems to be no hope of me getting them all looked at.

  • We have solved this problem by making the senior reporting team bigger, and now each one of us has to look at makewaves twice a week and we get the day off on Sunday! There was a small hiccup involving all of us looking on the same day, for one day and people having to come up to us in the school corridor asking when their stories would be published, but that probloem has been solved now.

  • the stories get sent back unless they meet criteria which the senior reporters have set up for a basic and multimedia story

  • So far I would say we have published over twenty stories, which  is quite good considering the speed at which the senior reporting team works at!

Senior Reporters 1

  • So that we could be the best we could be at our job, we had a session with the english department teachers. They came to the DL’s and they told us what a good article needed, like a picture and a catchy title and a good plot, etc. this will also help us when we are looking at the articles from the Parrot, our online magazine. the digital leaders helped with some of the articles.

  • Pass over to Harriet


Hi I’m Harriet, and I am going to tell you about how me and Curt are Y7 DL and not only have we been DLs in LLS but we were also DLs in Primary School.

  • When we were in Y6, Mr Sharples visited our school and said that if we really wanted it, set up a Y7 DLs so we could continue with DLs in Secondary School. And that’s what happened, we became DLs in LLS. Me, Curt and 3 other students who were DLs in Primary decided to continue this year.  When we got the opportunity to continue we had to say yes because the Digital Leaders at Primary was amazing.

  • We had a great team which was put together by our amazing ICT teacher Mrs Gow. She made it obvious to us that we had to stay as Digital Leaders so we could improve our ICT skills even further. We did our own newsletter, reporting, our own lunchtime workshops and helped out with the lower school.

  • As Curt said, even now we are still keeping in touch with Mrs Gow and we share what we are doing in Digital Leaders. I am glad I continued DLs because we have already done some great things and I can’t wait to do even more. (Photos Autumn No. 39, 15 and 8)


Thank you Harriet

My name is Curt and I also had fond memory of Digital Leaders at the juniors too and I will go through more of the things that we did and tried

  •     We did competitions, made the leavers book, making the certificate for sports day

Some of the tasks included: making the Y6 leavers book, making the certificates for sports day, running competition’s where the winners won prizes and much more.

  • Still into contact with Mrs G and DL

Were still in contact with the year 5, now year 6, DL over Makewaves as well as Mrs Gow it really helps because it’s not just goodbye like I’ll never see you again but we can still share and collaborate over Makewaves. Here you can see us as Digital Leaders at Primary with the year 5 DL, and this is us now still showing and helping others with technology.

  •    tried lot of things like other publishers awarding you badges adding student’s and Mrs Gow as friends. [Pictures of badges/ friends list]

I recently went back to the juniors to see what they’re doing with Digital Leaders and Makewaves and we tried lot of things like other publishers awarding you badges adding student’s and Mrs Gow as friends. This therefore means you can still work on projects and do stuff that you could have done whilst sitting right next to them a lot easier.

  •   How it will help transitions in the future

This will also help transitions in the future because of the link on Makewaves of still being able to keep into contact with Mrs Gow and the other Digital Leaders. Here you can see some of the conversations that I’ve been having with Mrs Gow and some of the junior school students.

Now over to Ceri


(screenshot a photo of my profile)* As well as showing what we have been up to, and communicating between ourselves and digital leaders in other schools, we also use makewaves for badges,including Mozilla Open badges.(if we are over 13)

* A badge is something you earn when you make a story about the subject of the badge. For instance one of the badges we’ve earned is the my monster Game badge, you write a story on your favourite game and explain why its your favourite but there are loads of other ways you can earn badges like setting up your makewaves profile or you can get a badge for writing 10 stories .

* I will now let Sam take over to talk about how we are designing more badges.


Screenshot of makewaves page of badges

  • As digital leaders we are asked to design badges for other digital leaders in both our and other schools.

Screenshot of makewaves page of our planning for your support badge

  • Y7 Coaching Badge ( Helping Single Person)

  • Y8 Support Badge (Helping many)

  • Y9 Multimedia Badge

  • Y10 Review Badge(Screenshots)

Screenshot of makewaves page of our planning for your support badge

  • how to create badges what does it need to include (How to,Evidence,Skills,Awarded by)

“help you set up and nurture your own Digital Leaders if you don’t have them already and point you towards useful contacts, examples and resources on the DLN blog, Makewaves Digital Leader Network and

Thank you to stone and tony for inviting us for a second year running
Developing young people as well as the technology”

I hope you will agree with me that these young people are developing rather well.

I’m chris sharples and with Matthew smith, we run Digital leaders at lls.  i am also developing the N yorkshire DL network with the support of North Yorkshire local authority.

Lutterworth high school here today

Very excited to be here, but I’m really interested in what we do next week, next month and so on to keep up with the sheer pace of change of technology

And I’m looking a solution that is scalable and won’t involve me getting crushed with the reponsibilty and time needed for it to work.

I need the solution to provide measurable improvements in school, but above all, I need to believe in it, and want to get up every day and feel like we’re making a difference.

And the solution, digital leaders using the makewaves social network platform and open badges.

How to set up and nurture digital leaders – all information and links online at gr8ict and on twitter

Details here

Contact via dlchat is probably best

Put details on DLN blog

Talk to Makewaves or join straight away