Developing your Digital Leaders’ Makewaves Site

This follows on from Setting up your Digital Leaders’ Makewaves Site.

Encourage your Dls to make Multimedia Stories including interviews.  I recommend the iRig microphone for iOS OR android devices – ideal for interview stories (Thanks to Daniel M from Makewaves) and foldable microphone stand.  Lady Lumley’s DLs had a journalism masterclass from the English department.  We are developing a DL multimedia badge to follow this.

Appoint several of your older digital leaders as Senior Reporters. My Site > Edit People > Click on the edit button beside their name and select Promote to Senior Reporter.  Lady Lumley’s DLs are developing criteria for basic and multimedia stories which they will publish to help other senior reporters quality assure their DL stories.  I will be asking my senior reporters to recommend particular good stories to feature on the site homepage.

Develop a variety of projects and create channels to organise the stories.   Digital leaders can co-create stories, by clicking the Add Someone Else button at the top right when editing a story.   Stories can be shared on the National Digital Leaders Homepage by choosing the second column of channels when publishing the pages.