Creating a shared Digital Leader Framework including Missions and Badges

Here is the link for the Digital Leader framework work-in-progress, and please read and comment, but also read below for the context…

There continues to be a great of interest about Digital Leaders shown with #dlchat, DLN, and DLN Makewaves, with increasing numbers in primary schools and to a lesser extent, secondary schools – see briefing sheet for summary. However, what we need to do is bring together the different experiences of digital leader coordinators and share good practice. Following discussions with @triches, @chrismayoh and @naace at #bett14 this year, @Pederosa and @gr8ict have been working together, with encouragement from @triches, to make a start.

Our aim has become:
“an easily understood framework for running digital leaders in years 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8/9 that encompasses current practice, breaks it down into small tasks, and means that digital leaders can progress through these key stages developing their leadership and technical skills. This means potential digital leader coordinators will have an easy route into starting digital leaders at this important stage in the new computing curriculum. It will also enable the use of digital leader #openbadges with simple and shared criteria (missions) for digital leaders to progress over a period of time in both primary and secondary schools”.

At my Leicester talk I was asked for a definition of digital leaders. I suggested:

“A team of enthusiastic students who work with teachers and students on regular or one-off projects to improve improve learning with digital technologies”.

And I showed a mind map of current practice:

Digital Leader Roles and Skills mind map 29-01-14

I am working with a group of North Yorkshire schools to continue to develop a network of digital leaders in North Yorkshire, following North Yorkshire Digital Leaders’ Conference – #DLNY13 – 21st June 2013.