Y7 Digital Leaders are welcomed by PCJS Digital Leaders 

Our DLs know they are special, because due to the hard work of Mrs Gow at Pickering DLsY3T3_PCJSCommunity Junior School, we have Digital Leaders in our biggest feeder Primary School as well as at Lady Lumley’s.  We had heard exciting news about the new ICT suite at PCJS, so we were looking forward to seeing the new room.
However, it is about developing young people rather than the technology, so as you can see from the comments below, there was greater excitement about seeing friends and ex-teachers.

It was an afternoon of application and collaboration as both groups of Digital Leaders worked together to create films using Muvizu (Movie Zoo) explaining how they enjoy being DLs.  The movies are really funny – animations with custom movements and lip-synching – and you can see these featured on their makewaves site (Please go to the Lady Lumley’s website > Students > Digital Leaders > Home Page > featured stories).  I was able to show both the year 6s and the LLS DLs what they could expect next year with 11 new units in our new computing curriculum at Key Stage 3. Finally, we are working with PCJS to enable Digital Leaders at both schools to be some of the first in the country to work with their teachers and other students to gain the new #DLOpenBadges and progress through levels 1-3.

“I loved going back to the juniors because I got to meet the Digital Leaders there and see what they, do as well as teach them some of the stuff that we did too”.

“My favourite part was just being back at the Junior School and seeing all the familiar faces again! But also meeting the new Year 6’s that will be coming up!”
“I enjoyed going to the junior school because it was nice to see how far the software had improved in the last year. Such when we were there last year we did not have the opportunity to go on muvizu to make movies about what we have done in the past year”.
“The trip was amazing. It was a whole new experience and it was great working with the year 5/6 digital leaders on the program they had already mastered (the animation program – Movizu).”
“I like PCJS because of the new ict room.”
“I enjoyed going back to PCJS because I got to see Mrs Gow who got me interested in ICT at Primary School and I got to see what the Digital Leaders have been up to over the last year. Also seeing the new ICT suite was really good! It was great fun to go back there.”
“I enjoyed going back to the junior school as it was nice to see Mrs Gow and I enjoyed nworking on muvizu; and they have laptops in their Ict suite!”
“As it was my first time to go to the junior school i really liked it, it was fun because i got to meet new people”.