“Dear Google UK Limited,

We are writing to you to ask about an opportunity to talk at your stand, E240, on Friday the 23rd of January 2015 at BETT 2015.

We have spoken before at BETT for the past two years, but this year the companies we normally represent are unable to host us. There are not many Digital Leaders at BETT this year and we believe that young people should be there.

Last year, it was called #DLFriday because so many Digital Leaders were able to get there, and this year there are only 3 talks out of 212 that are about Digital Leaders.

We would like you to consider us because this year we are using Google Apps to organise everything we do, please see the gr8ict.com website for information about how we use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. We have used Google Apps to create tutorials to help teachers use different pieces of software in our lessons. We also use Google Apps to collect evidence of what we do to contribute to our #DLOpenBadges. We are a leading school in this program, and Google Apps is helping us a lot. Some of the badges we work towards are Creator, where we’ve used Google Docs to create tutorials and its comments tool to improve them. We are also working towards the Educator badge where we teach our teachers and peers software that we’ve learnt.

Please consider us – we have previously enjoyed speaking on behalf of companies at BETT and we hope to speak on the behalf of you as well.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Lady Lumley’s School Digital Leaders”

(NB. This was their idea, not mine – CSH)

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