Earning your Digital Leader #openbadges

First, log into Makewaves. Then click on this link to see all 18 available badges: www.makewav.es/badges/16966


Choose your badge mission. If you are a LLS DL, it will be a level 2 badge (although you have evidence for Level 2 you probably have enough for a Level 1 badge too).

Read carefully each of the Missions.  Go away and learn the skills/get the evidence.

Click Take.


For each Task, you CAN click Add Evidence, and add a file or story for EACH MISSION.  I suggest you write ONE story for the badge that includes ALL your evidence.  Stories (as you probably know) can include text, photos and screenshots, or you can explain what you did with audio and even a video.

Attach the story to each of the links – see below.

Even when you think you have finished, check again that you have included all the evidence.




I would welcome a story that explains how you do this from the view of a Digital Leader!

Have fun…