Managing Digital Leaders using Google Apps for Education

LLS DLs have been working hard this term to provide evidence to start to gain their #DLOpenBadges. We thought it would be useful to show how we manage ourselves on a weekly basis including how we use Google Apps for Education.

LLS DLs gave a copy of this year’s poster to each teacher at their RiskIT 4 a Biscuit talk.LLS Digital Leaders 2014-15

Management Meetings:
Our senior DLs (who have been DLs for 2 or more years) meet during Monday tutor times (15 mins) for their management meeting, and Year 7 DLs meet during Thursday tutor time for their management meeting.   All DLs have access to a shared drive on Google Apps with the most important being a Shared Project doc. Like a home page of a website, this is the go-to place to find out what is going on, especially if you have to miss a meeting. With it being a google doc, it is very easy to link to other pages and documents of interest.


Collaborative Training:
All DLs try to meet up on Wednesday lunchtimes for which they have early lunch passes, as well as Thursdays which are an overflow session.  This is the key ‘doing’ time for example this term when they have been sharing their tutorials and providing feedback for each other.

2014-11-05 13.08.38

Each DL has done at least one tutorial each and gained feedback.  We were able to do this by linking off the project document:


I set up a google doc for irfanview as the template and then each DL had a copy and created annotated screenshots using Irfanview(!). You can see the completed tutorials here on the

A shared Google Sheet is ideal for tracking progress of training teachers using the tutorials:


Lunchtime support:
The early lunch passes also include a half lunchtime when two or three digital leaders support the home learning club in IT3.  The rota was created using a shared doc here:


And as you can see, comments are used to inform on people not turning up almost as soon as it happens.

Collaborative Talks:
We use Google slides to prepare our collaborative talks with creating both the slides and the speaker notes:


Badge Evidence Folders:
And lastly, each DL has their own folder with a bespoke Google sheet with the framework for each Digital Leader badge (nine in total) so that they can collect all the evidence they need for each badge. This of course can be viewed by the Digital Leader coordinator and commented upon until it is of a suitable standard to then go straight to the Makewaves badge mission.