Poland Project – Meeting 2


In two months time, a group of Lady Lumley’s Digital Leaders are being flown to Warsaw to present at a Polish Education conference. This will be the highlight of two months collaboration with Polish students from the Primary School “Samorządowa Szkoła Podstawowa nr 6 im. Jana Pawła II” in Wrzesnia.  The coordinator had the idea at BETT when he heard us debate and learned we were Digital Leaders, which was a new concept to him.  Most of all he was impressed with how the we handled the debate in front of so many people with no intimidation. We will be presenting the results of our project during the conference on 15 May 2015. There will be a 30-minute slot for the debate which will be in Polish with a simultaneous translation provided for us through headphones.


On Wednesday, Lady Lumley’s Digital Leaders and Mr Sharples Skyped for the first time with the Polish students and teachers.  It was very interesting because we met the people we will be working with in the next few weeks.  We all told each other about our hobbies and after finding out that they were all into singing, they serenaded us in Polish and although we couldn’t understand it, they were very good! Sam sang back and that definitely broke the tension.  We will be looking forwards to working with them in the future, as all of them seem nice and friendly, and very good at English which is a plus as we don’t speak Polish!