A Classroom set of Raspberry Pi’s – part 2

Having explained how I have bench tested and decided on a final Raspberry Pi configuration – in A Classroom set of Raspberry Pi’s – part 1,  I took delivery of 18 sets and started putting them together with the help of my Digital Leaders.  Here is the description of both the equipment and the setting up.

The standard set-up is this:


Cable tied and velcroed to the wall with toggled switching using the KVM (velcroed to PC box):

or to tee-pieces like this for the central aisle, with one on either side.


The teacher PC at the front uses a more expensive Aten KVM with audio, toggled via the Num Lock key:


I used Wishtrac’s resources for the recent Open Evening


and have based my Noobs SD card on theirs, adding in sound and Scrot (screensaver).

Here is the storage for pibrellas, Raspios etc with a YPO sponge liner for the pibellas:

IMG_2450  IMG_2511

I have a similar tray for the Raspios but have not got round to soldering 18 of them… I am indebted to my Digital Leaders for helping me install 18 Raspberry Pi’s:


and here are students using them at our Open Evening (we did have loads of Y6s visit but I only have permission for DLs’ photos).



I hope to have pi-Net at some stage, but at the moment, these are standalone.

The Raspberry Pi’s will be trialled as a class set by the Year 9 Coding Club for hacking Minecraft.  We will then be using them for the Year 8s and Year 9s with the first control unit.