Digital Leaders running Y7 Code Club

Seeing as LLS Year 8 Digital Leaders welcome the Y7s tomorrow to try out Code Bugs, I thought I would start a post explaining our progress which will culminate in a talk at BETT16 in the main arena.

1. BBC #microbit roadshow:


2. Open Evening when Year 8 DLs demonstrate Code Bugs to Year 6s:


3. Based on experiences so far, we update Code Bugs to 8, one each for Year 8 DLs:


Note the 4 already in their slots with USB cables alongside.

5. Training for Year 7s to come.  There will be a competition to see the best coders from the year 7s, who will then be invited to be Year 7 DLs.


Update 1:

Year 8 DLs have had the first session with the Year 7s:


Starting with registering onto code bug; what is codebug and Scrolling Name Badge!.

Next week it is the Sorting Hat challenge, and they have already made their own versions after Ollie suggested remixing the Rock Paper Scissors game.