Ways that Students/Digital Leaders can help with #computing / #dlchat Nov 19th ’15

 Background – Digital Leader Roadmap

When did you first introduce #computing into your curriculum lessons? and with what examples?

How have students (not necessarily DLs) helped in #computing lessons? Have they added in ways you could not do on your own?

Do you run a code club? What sorts of activities have you covered?

Have you had students/DLs lead computing sessions/parts of lessons? What has worked well?

What plans do you have for DLs and #computing in the future?

Extra Question
Have your Digital Leaders used Makewaves? Makewaves #openbadges – pls cd u add to:
“Hi Chris,
Makewaves are a finalist for Innovator of the Year at the BETT Awards. Judges are looking at the number of views and types of comments below our youtube film to help inform their decision on the winner. Would you (and any colleagues / DL contacts) be happy to leave a comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThwK2tEGqPY?Thanks, Sharon
Director at  Makewaves
BETT ICT Company of the Year