How we help Teachers and other Students use #edtech effectively – Digital Leaders in Schools from across the UK” #BETT2016

Lady Lumley's DLs BETT16 Arena talk v1.pptx
Lady Lumley’s School, North Yorkshire  – @gr8ict /Chris Sharples (Secondary) – confirmed 20/10/15
Title – “How Digital Leaders run cracking coding Clubs”
Description – with so much change within Computing at present, a key requirement is to build capacity for learning programming.  Y9 LLS DLs will talk about setting up Raspberry Pi’s and using them for Y9 Code Club and then in lessons.  Y7 LLS DLs to talk about setting up Y7 Code Club with the approach of the BBC Microbit.  They will also mention Makewaves ( 2016 BETT winner for ICT Innovator of the Year) and DL #openbadges.

Recreation Road Infant School, NorwichLouise Stone (Infants)
Title “Infant Digital Leaders – Getting to Grips with Gadgets”

(Please download file to view offline MS Powerpoint Show with animations and video)
Description – whether you are 5 or 105, mastering new technology can be a challenge.  RRIS DL’s talk about how they support their peers, younger classmates and teachers with tech such as Beebots and iPads. Thinking about school radio? Ask them about theirs!

Myrtle Park Primary School – John Redding/ Paul Scott (Primary) / – confirmed 01/11/15
Title “KS2 Digital Leaders – The Impact of Purple Mash across the Curriculum”

Description – The impact that Purple Mash has had on school has been massive, affecting all areas of the curriculum.  Myrtle Park Digital leaders will discuss this impact and share some of their experiences.

King Edward VI School, Southampton – Rachel Jones (Secondary) –  confirmed
Title “Collaborative Learning. What can’t you do with paper alone?’

Description – The Digital leaders from KES will talk where using technology can have a real impact- in allowing children to work collaboratively. From Google Drive to Baiboard they will look at free resources which will have impact on learning.