#wellbeing5aday pledge 2016

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@MartynReah and teacher5aday-pledges-2016/
Debbie Inglis @HTcoach)  Putting Plans Into Action
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#wellbeing5aday Presentation
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Here are my goals for my #teacher5aday pledge 2016:

Yosemite view to remind us the themes are based on John Muir’s beliefs…

Goal 1: Improve my cycling to enjoy the Coast to Coast “Way of the Roses” in May 2016
Goal 2: Achieve resistance exercises and stretches at least twice a week
Goal 3: Improve my diet to feel better and lose weight.

Goal 4: Become competent and confident with using the zone system for printing monochrome photos with gloss and matte paper.

Goal 5: Conscious competence with noticing positively what people do around me …

Goal 6: Connect more frequently with friends in/out of clubs but more contact with non-local friends too.

Goal 7: One chore a day extra than usual.