#wellbeing5aday – First Month’s progress

I have suggested on #teacher5aday that it would be good to share monthly progress, so here are my efforts.

Goal 1: Improve my cycling to enjoy the Coast to Coast “Way of the Roses” in May 2016

stravaJan16My goal is my standard circuit once a week and this I have achieved.  Matthew is using his bike frequently with friends and he and one of them have committed to joining the Coast to Coast ride too.  We have two other rides booked and I have instigated a talk by a nutrutionist to the group too.

I feel much fitter as a result of the regular rides.

Goal 2: Achieve resistance exercises and stretches at least twice a week

I have bought dumb-bells and done two sessions so far.  Not finding the motivation as easy for these …

Goal 3: Improve my diet to feel better and lose weight.

Tried several recipes from the lean in 15 book.  Having the protein shakes after exercise.  Still drinking too much alcohol but onto green teas and no danishes or tea with processed sugar in. Started losing weight…

Goal 4: Become competent and confident with using the zone system for printing monochrome photos with gloss and matte paper.

Attended the Yorkshire Monochrome Group and the first BCC monochrome session having done 2 prints.  Booked a tutorial for Weds and then Photo Show in March.

Goal 5: Conscious competence with noticing positively what people do around me
Trying to do this more for the boys…

Goal 6: Connect more frequently with friends in/out of clubs but more contact with non-local friends too.
Making sure I ring friends at weekends.
Gave a #teacher5aday to staff at school.
Attended the #teacher5aday talk at BETT. Regularly reading #teacher5aday on twitter and encouraging monthly reviews.

Goal 7: One chore a day extra than usual.
Making sure Helen sits down more, but disappointing that the chronic fatigue is not getting better very quickly at all.

Overall, I am so glad to have noticed #teacher5aday on twitter, as it has encouraged me to share with more people and to increase my commitment.  I am inviting others to give it a go too.

My work in progress
#wellbeing5aday Presentation
Blank set #teacher5aday slides for you to use