Way of the Roses

Thanks you to everyone who has sponsored Matthew, Harry and I for our epic Way of the Roses ride this May.


We raised £625 pounds towards Stan’s wheelchair (needing a total of £7000 – already half way there).

It was a lot tougher than we thought and here is the story in pictures.

Getting Bikes:
In August last year I decided to get fitter, and ordered a road bike on the cycle to work scheme. Needless to say, Matthew saw the bike in the garage a week before Christmas and decided that he would like to do some cycling too.  Onto Gumtree, and a trip to Leeds led this photo:


Here’s the map of the Way of the Roses:

Morecambe Bay to Pateley Bridge = 62 miles.  Pateley Bridge to York = 47 miles.  York to Bridlington = 61 miles.  170 miles in total.

My favourite quote from the official site is “The route is best done from West to East (Morecambe to Bridlington) for the greater chance of having the wind at your back”.  (Ha Ha for the Bridlington part… see later)

And here is the profile.


As you can see, we needed some practice on hills as they’re aren’t many in and around York . From January onwards I have managed a road every week, and Matthew and Harry built up their miles too in the weeks before. Helen’s friend Alison introduced us to the Wolds, and some fellow highwaymen from school showed that from Thixendale, the only way is up!

IMG_3203 IMG_3290  IMG_3289

As well as hills, we also needed miles, so we did rides north of York too, and Skipton to Bolton Abbey, which involved reintroducing the towbar carrier:

IMG_3386  IMG_3293   IMG_3227
Maintenance and Repair:
The ride from Thixendale presented our first puncture, and I spent the remaining training rides discovering what equipment was needed for punctures and maintaining bikes to make them as easy to ride as possible.  The boys got involved – with varying degrees of success…

IMG_3193  IMG_3384  IMG_3471

I also highly rate this youtube video “How to clean a bicycle in about 15 minutes”.

The day Matthew and I were due to ride the daffodil sportive, the weather was so bad that I spent the afternoon discovering how to create rides and transfer them to Google maps. See here.

Way of the Roses – Day 1
A huge thank you to Helen (and then John) for providing a support vehicle.  We set off from Morecambe at 10.00am.

IMG_3526 IMG_3529 IMG_3531

Dave waited for us at Settle as we knew the hill was going to be steep … and it was… Matthew suffering bad cramp halfway up…

IMG_3532  IMG_3534 IMG_3536

Once at the top of that bit, it stretched on a while further, but the ride the other side was wonderful:

IMG_3539 IMG_3541  IMG_3542

The ride through to Grassington and Burnsall was still tough at times and we were glad of Dave’s help and support:

IMG_3543  IMG_3547  IMG_3552

The ride up the hill beyond Appletreewick was really hard, and the ride towards Stump Cross caverns was the hardest.  We had almost run out of puff.


The boys really did not want to give up, and we finally made it down Greenhow Hill and into Pateley Bridge at 7.30pm.



Way of the Roses – Day 2

Angela joined us the next morning, with John providing car support, with us setting off and reaching Ripon… then pub lunch with the other Highwaymen and onto York.  Matthew then played cricket at York…

IMG_3555    IMG_3558


Way of the Roses – Day 3

Actually, the evening before:


The Met Office had introduced a couple of extra colours for the radar of the rainfall for this storm, and the winds were from the North and an average of 25mph.  The boys agreed to an early start the next morning:

IMG_3560  IMG_3565  IMG_3568  IMG_3575

We avoided the bad weather until 15 miles from Brid.  Then the rain was on us and we battled gusting head winds and driving rain.  At times the wind gusted at 47mph…

IMG_3591  IMG_3594  IMG_3596

Click here for video:

This is where we knew we would finish, and when we did…

IMG_3597   IMG_3599  IMG_3606

The others finished too…

IMG_3638 IMG_3607  IMG_3609


And two new Highwayman rewarded for their hard work and their resilience:

IMG_3618  IMG_3620  IMG_3623

Slide Show:

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