BBC Micro:bit quests

We are on track to *finally* get our BBC Micro:bits out to our Year 8s… this is how we are going to do it … and we are excited about the Grok Learning Quest challenges for after half term.

Our Digital Leaders are trained up using out 3 step programme


I have bribed some of the new Year 7 Digital Leaders with Microbits so I hope that not all the Year 8s finish their training…  Y9, 8 and 7 DLs have volunteered for the Y8 assembly on Friday and then we aim to get as many Year 8s trained on lunchtimes before halfterm.


I then want as many as possible to practice grok03with the Grok BBC micro:bit Starter over half term ready for – I would like them to try the python version but they can go for the easier blockly version if they prefer.

Having registered as a teacher it should be easy to upload Digital Leaders and the Year 8s with the usual csv upload.

Everything is then in place for them to choose a Grok Quest after halfterm: