#BBC micro:bit

Meet your BBC micro:bit











Earning your BBC micro:bit using the Block Editor:

Come to work with Digital Leaders on a lunchtime in IT2:

1. Answering machine

2. Rock paper scissors

3. Choose ONE from Other Block Editor Lessons to try.

There is a summary sheet here to see progress of every Year 7 Student. You need to be logged onto School Google to access it.

BBC micro:bit Equipment – Year 7s version – DLs can edit, any Year 7 can comment.

BBC micro:bit Tasks – Year 7s version – DLs can edit, any Year 7 can comment.

More links:
amazingict’s take on how to introduce Microbits
more ideas of things to do here: bournetocode.com
Video of Space Invaders game (only available out of school)
BBC Micro Bit computer’s final design revealed
Micro:bit projects

Kiktronics BBC micro:bit accessories 

Kiktronics MI:pro Protector Case for the BBC micro:bit and battery pack from CPC
Dendrite case
I’m talking to Mr Higham about this example MyMiniFactory 3D print example
Naming pen:
Uni-ball paint marker pen white extra fine px-203