Bletchley Park Visit: Books, Films and web links for preparation beforehand

Please click  here for a google doc with all my resources for preparing for a school trip.

I suggested students (Y11/12/13)  watched The Imitation Game, and I lent them out DVDs of films Enigma and Bletchley Park: Code-Breaking’s Forgotten Genius (Gordon Welchman).  However, I consider both the Hollywood films very distracting from how Bletchley Park actually worked and how the people like Alan Turing were and worked together.  I therefore hunted out the 2 breaking the code films on Amazon Prime.   

This link suggests Howard Craston’s Top 6 Bletchley Park Books.   I already had listened to Station X and have subsequently bought two paper versions to share with the students.   I also have Seizing the Enigma, Hut 6 and Colossus.